• The Story Beyond the Still – Canon Contest – Job Security by Runner Runner

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    This is the winner video of the Canon contest “The Story Beyond the Still“.

    I really liked the concept when I first read about this contest on Vimeo. Every picture has a story beyond it and this is a great way to explore the idea behind a shot. This video is also another great example of photographers crossing the boundaries between pictures and movies.

    It’s the first ever user-generated HD Video Contest where photographers become filmmakers, and we all see beyond the still. Last month the contest kicked off when Canon asked photographer, Vincent Laforet, to interpret a still by telling the story that lived beyond it using the Canon EOS 7D. It was the first chapter of seven, ending with a still photograph of its own for the Vimeo community to then interpret. After 112 entries, Josh Thacker was chosen as the very first winner and now, once again the question is posed to you, what do you see beyond this still?

    Job Security from Runner Runner on Vimeo.


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