Cehoz Organic Ethical clothing

Product catalogue pictures for Cehoz™, innovative organic ethical clothing brand.

All the raw cotton used by Cehoz™ comes from organic agriculture (Turkey). This guarantees not only the respect of the Earth but also of the workers, safeguarded using only non-toxic substances and introduced to a coaching on organic agriculture, preparation of organic fertilizers and how to deal with parasites.

Spinning of the cotton and fabrics weaving are completely made in Italian organic certified factories. This way Cehoz™ guarantees not only the quality of the final products but also incredibly high standards for the environment protection and employees respect.

Dyeing and finishing are also entirely made by an Italian organic certified company. Dyeing and textile auxiliaries are environmentally friendly and guaranteed as free of formaldehyde and other polluting or substances potentially dangerous for human health. A particular attention is offered on non toxicity of all production stages for workers.

The entire weaving factory from spinning to dyeing is organic certified by ICEA.

The making up of the Cehoz™ clothing is made by Italian specialized companies, all this companies are subject to frequent inspections to guarantee all standards are always respected.

The screen printing of the Cehoz™ graphics is made with certified pigments free of polluting or substances potentially dangerous for human health.

The packaging is made of recycled paper while tags of Cehoz™ products are printed on environmentally responsible paper produced with a responsible management of the world’s forests.

Fabric Labels of Cehoz™ products are not entirely synthetic but are made using natural fibers such as hemp.

Every numbered item comes with a warranty certificate with serial number.

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