Vision / Mission


Live in a society that enjoys and respects Nature & Others.


Create images that spark the thirst for adventure
and the inspiration for a fair & sustainable world.

Mission Statement

We live in a hyper connected world. Anything that happens becomes global within a continuously compressing timeframe. It is clear how much we all depend on each other’s diligence to survive with worldwide health, social, economic, and natural disasters adding an extra burden on the shoulders of the most vulnerable.

The positive and inspiring stories of people helping each other and working for a better future are out there. Unfortunately, they’re often swallowed up by a barrage of detrimental events filling our news feeds, from climate change and wars to the consequent refugee crisis and the insurgence of hate fomented by nationalism and populism.

To avoid being consumed by pessimism we all need to stand up and take action to change what’s wrong and unfair.

Photography is a powerful medium that can influence public opinion toward a brighter future for everyone, and I aim my lens to inspire that change.

How this impacts my work

Photography is a form of art and there’s no art without inspiration, dedication, and commitment.

I strongly believe that partnering with future-focused projects that are aiming for a positive impact in the world will not only contribute to my vision but will ultimately enhance the quality of my work.

I evaluate the best practices throughout my work to create high quality content with the lowest impact possible, reducing unnecessary travel, waste of resources, and my overall carbon footprint.

Steering towards a better future

Our habits influence the world in a substantial way, and we have more leverage than we are aware of. We can use that strength to shift toward a more fair and sustainable world.

We can aggravate the problems through our inaction, or take control and contribute to their eradication by being curious, informed, and by making meaningful lifestyle changes.

Let’s rethink the way we travel and move every day and choose suppliers and products like the future of the world depends on it, because it does. Our move to a greener economy is long overdue, and we have the power to contribute to and demand change. Let’s do it together.