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    by  • luglio 22, 2011 • News, Nite Talks • 0 Comments

    Finally out! It’s never been faster to upgrade to a new operating system since its launch. No dvd shipping, just hit the button Download and it’s gone. 33 minutes to install and voilà! The only trouble is that not the scroll gesture works...

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    Steve Jobs at the 2010 WWDC

    by  • giugno 8, 2010 • Nite Talks • 0 Comments

    Steve Jobs asking the audience of the 2010 WWDC to switch off their computers and put them on the floor… simply hilarious!!! Watch the keynote here.
    “As somebody once said, there’s a difference between a failure and a fiasco. A failure is simply the non-presence of success. Any fool can accomplish failure. But a fiasco… a fiasco is...

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