• When preparation meets opportunity – Donald Miralle and a kayak

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    Remotely shooting is blind shooting. You don’t know what’s going on in the viewfinder. Of course you can guess it if you’re looking at the action, but you’re far away from the camera.

    In photography the point of view is crucial. Sometimes there’s no room for the photographer in this point, but as far as there’s enough space for the camera… there’s still a chance to use that point of view. This is where a PocketWizard, wires, duct tape, a custom made support and a lot of creativity can really help us get the job done.

    This stunning shot from the 2010 World Press Photo Sports Action category winner Donald Miralle is well explained by his own words:

    “There was just one frame of the red tide of the river

    completely encircling and framing Scott and his vessel,

    that was one in a million and one of those lucky moments

    when preparation meets opportunity.”

    Photo by Donald Miralle

    Athlete: 3-Time Olympian Scott Shipley

    Read the hole story of this shot on Donald Miralle’s Blog


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